Why every website needs good SEO

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimisation. In simple terms SEO is a tool to encourage more visitors to a website. It directs a business owner to build their website in a way that makes it easier for search engines to reference and link back to. If you are looking for an answer to increase your rankings with search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, there are many different methods on the market, however SEO by far is the most effective, cheapest and most consistent. Here is why;

SEO is a cheaper way to rank than paid advertising

Internet searches are quick, convenient and used by millions of people every day. On average in the UK we take part in over 250 million web searches each and every single day. SEO can enable your site to be at the top of the list for search results. Let’s face it, no one gets past the first page of search engine results when they are searching for a product or service

It gives you an advantage over the competition

Regardless of the size of the industry you are in, if your competitor’s website ranks higher than you on a search engine, there is every chance that you will miss out on a potential sale.

Similarly, visitors to your site will be encouraged to do business with you if you are the first link on a page. It sends out a message that you must be a reputable company.

You can rank for targeted keywords relevant for your business

SEO uses keyword research. Google compiles data that lists popular keywords each month. To promote your site efficiently we can work with you to generate a list of terms prospective customers would use. Algorithms are employed by search engines to go beyond indexing keywords and phrases in a site’s content. Instead these SEO specific programs search other areas of the website, such as each page’s URL link, as well as links to other websites to determine importance.

You can rank locally if you don’t sell your product and service to a market far away

Compared to other forms of advertising or targeted promotion, SEO is effective on your target market. Whether you are a cleaner operating in the local area, or a shop that only delivers locally, your SEO campaign can be targeted at your specific area. Local SEO is just as if not more important than a national campaign. We can help you structure your site for local optimisation, including assisting with citations, mobile search readiness and social media.

You can tempt your clients to return visits

Blogging and keeping active on social media keeps your SEO fresh and with a stream of relevant up to date content, there is more for search engines to reference. More importantly, having content that is current encourages return visits.

For a complete SEO solution and not just the basics, we recommend getting in touch with us. As well as advising you on SEO standard practices such as off-page optimizations (correct heading structure, alt-tag completion etc.) we can offer the bigger picture including brand awareness and reputation management.